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Indie Film

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Are you questioning your path as an actor?
Are you tired of getting auditions and not booking?
Do you feel you have what it takes you just need direction?

Self Publishing

Learn about the education and preparation needed in understanding Self-Publishing also learn how to retain all the rights to your work and maintain control over it.

Writing Skills

I know how important it is for you to write your book. I have done it successfully four times now. From trial and error I learned. Let me help you achieve your goal in thirty days!

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can help you thrive as you move through your life’s journey. Making healthy choices and eating healthy meals will pay off in many ways.

Hair & Skin

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Your Advantage

The business of acting” focuses in on the business end of perfecting your craft. I teach you the politics, set etiquette, statistics, how to read your contracts, the pay, Sag rules, finding an agent that is right for you. (Etc)


“Commercial Class”  how to audition, dress the part with out overdoing it, slate the camera and land you a commercial.


“Voice Over”  teaches you many actors is never seen only heard. You will learn how to control your voice even when nervous, controlling you pitch threw breathing, dialect, and ADR.

“Movement”  You will learn on how to make natural movements (yes I will teach you to be natural). You will also learn how and why it is important to hit your marks. You will learn how to find your camera and your light with out shadowing your fellow actors.

Requirements: A notebook and pen. Dress like you might run into you worst enemy. Be open and ready to be on camera at all times. Network, network, and network you never know whom you will meet.


Course Objectives: This course emphasizes the knowledge and skills actors need to take full advantage in their opportunities in becoming a working actor.

Course Description: 


By the end of the course you will have an understanding of how to break down a script to find the beats in a scene and know how to stay in character and play it truthfully. You will also know how to create different characters for different situations and think fast on your feet. This course not only teaches you how to think like an actor it also takes you one step further by giving you the secrets to auditioning and the business.


Requirements: A notebook and pen. Be open and ready to be on camera at all times. Network, network, and network you never know whom you will meet.


How to Write a book in 30 days

“81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them and should write it.” That’s approximately 200 million people who aspire to authorship. Whats keeping you from your dreams? SIGN UP NOW $300 starting I will teach you virtually how to write a novel in 30 days! Give me 30 days of your life and I will help you complete your dream! 


*Character Development



*Self Publishing

*Book PR 101

Improvisations and Theater Games



Body awareness and movement

Vocal freedom and technique

Development of individual creativity and imagination

Development of group/partner awareness and creativity


Acting Theory and Technique

Subtext and inner monologue

Beats of Action

Objectives, tactics, obstacles

Believability and truthfulness

“In the moment” presence

Listening and reacting


Concentration and focus

Commitment and energy

Physical life and stage movement




Scene Preparation

Character, scene and play analysis


Rehearsals with partner, in and out of class



Scene Presentation

Performing scene before the class and instructor

Feedback and coaching from instructor

Second presentation of scene after feedback


Healthy Meal Plans

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