The Real Hollywood

The Real Hollywood

They say spend the New Year with people you love, doing what you love! So me and the homies will be coming to a city near you soon. Thank you

Stupid Guys Diary

Stupid Guys Diary

I’m tired of being asked why I am single so, I’ve decided that I am willing to use my dating life to entertain the world. I’ll let you read entries from my stupid guy diary, which yes...(I really do keep). I believe some of the best entertainment comes from real life situations. Besides, there’s no better way to humiliate the men that humiliated me than to let their sisters, wives, cousins, and friends find out what really happened on our date and understand why they no longer talk to the girl from TV. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to read about male groupies and flat out stupid guys!

Cherrific Publishing

Peaches & Cream

Peaches and Cream is about Peaches a little girl from Duquesne, PA who is wise beyond her years. She has big dreams and realizes early on that the choices she makes can change her and her family's world. She doesn't comprehend the words "No" and "You can't." She is what some might call an overachiever. Cash rules everything around her.


Write A Book In 30 Days


81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them — and should write it.” That’s approximately 200 million people who aspire to authorship. Whats keeping you from your dreams? SIGN UP NOW $300 I will teach you virtually how to write a novel in 30 days! Give me 30 days of your life and I will help you complete your dream!

Detox Naturally


Lose 10 pounds in 10 days 10 dollars! Your skin, your hair and your physique are all a reflection of what you eat and how you live. If you are ready to change that reflection this Friday, I will start a cyber-class 10 pounds in 10 days for 10 bucks. No exercise! I’m not trying to sale you supplement(s) or have you do anything that’s not 100% natural. Just want to teach you how to balance your metabolism naturally!

Wild Cherry Oil


"Wild Cherry Oil and Cream has done wonders for my hair and skin. Regarding my skin this oil has done wonders. I have a bad case of eczema, where I scratch so bad I rip the skin off. Since using Wild cherry Oil with Rosemary, My skin has healed and the itching has subsided.


The mission of CHERIE JOHNSON’S WORK-SHOP is watch people live their dreams. Every day I’m asked how to break into the business. Tired of hearing the horror stories of people being ripped off and scammed out of thousands of dollars I felt this is the best way to give back. To share My knowledge and watch dreams flourish.



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Educational Facts


Health Material



Online Main Services is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn film, acting, casting and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Indie Film

Online teaching resource in the business of Indie film


Are you questioning your path as an actor?
Are you tired of getting auditions and not booking?
Do you feel you have what it takes you just need direction?

Self Publishing

Learn about the education and preparation needed in understanding Self-Publishing also learn how to retain all the rights to your work and maintain control over it.

Writing Skills

I know how important it is for you to write your book. I have done it successfully four times now. From trial and error I learned. Let me help you achieve your goal in thirty days!

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can help you thrive as you move through your life’s journey. Making healthy choices and eating healthy meals will pay off in many ways.

Hair & Skin

I recommend Wild Cherry Oil with Rosemary to anyone who wants beautiful skin and hair. It is all natural, very light and pleasant scent.

Why People Choose CHERIEJ.COM

Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn.

YOU set the pace with online learning. Learn what you want, when you want, and practice while you watch and listen. Join our happy community, get help and start learning new things. Also I’m constantly improving and adding new tutorials.

Unlimited ACCESS

Learn what you want, when you want, from our entire library. Build custom playlists to organize courses you want to watch.

Mobile SITE + APP

Watch courses on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Switch back and forth without ever losing your place.


New courses are added to our library often—so the value of your membership keeps growing.


Create and save lists of courses you want to watch, and share them with friends or colleagues.


Hear Clients Testimonies

Hear How Clients/Groups Feel About CHERIEJ.COM

What Customers Say

Hear How Clients/Groups Feel About CHERIEJ.COM

I went from eating way to much fast food and drinking up to 6 Dr. Peppers a day to eating healthy and drinking only water and unsweetened tea. The first 10 days I was being a but skeptical because of my lack of success I had had previously. The first couple of days were hard cutting out the sugar and caffeine that I had grown dependent on but by day 3 I found I had more energy than I had had in a long time. By day 4 I had lost 13lbs. I felt both physically and mental better, as well as having more energy. By the end of the month I had lost 20 lbs. This is lowest my weight has been in about 4 years and I’m still losing. I relieve a little way in that this isn’t a diet but is about changing how you eat and look at food. 3 weeks in I was able to start adding workouts to my routine. Now at least 3 times a week I do either Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or walk my dog. That has helped tone up the areas where I have lost weight so that I won’t have any loose skin.
Linda Randi
When I looked at some recent pictures I had taken I was not comfortable with my weight. I complained about how big I looked and Cherie told me about the diet. It took me a few weeks to start because I wanted to plan out my 10-day raw menu. It was much easier to do than I expected, and now I’m 13 lbs. lighter, and happier.
Brandy Johnson
You can do this. Cherie is an awesome support and very active on social media and will respond to her fans. Get ready to be the best you can be. You will not even recognize yourself in 4 weeks, so take plenty of pics of your journey and share them with us. See you on the loser’s bench. You got this. #GetSome
Kinu Tanaka
Cherie even guides you through the steps. Like come on who gives you life-changing information for $10 dollars and then walks with you as the pounds fall off. I know the answer and it is nobody. I’m so grateful for her transparent care and joy within my results. I was like damn she’s more excited for me than I am. And honestly that’s all it took for me to eat my vegetables and drink the water.
Brent Wesley Lattisaw

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  1. Keith Richardson
    Posted on September 21, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Absolutely Love the site, and will be a frequent visitor to it! Cherie is a valuable resource when it comes to having success in multiple arenas and teaching the art of successful strategies for personal, physical, and financial success!!!

    Keith Richardson

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